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Construction, Day 3

Games - Red Group Only

Today we went on a hike!

Play - Yellow and Blue

Today in play we started out with some duck, duck goose! It's so much fun to run around and chase our friends. Next, we played a game called bag toss rotations. There were different stations and movements we did while throwing bean bags in a hoop, or at a block tower. It's fun to knock things down.


We had a special mission: design our own water slides. First, we drew out our ideas with markers. Then, we used straws for the ladders. The slide part was made from tin foil. It was really fun to make different things.


Today in friendship, we played a fun bingo game. Each space had a description of a person. For example, "has brown hair" or "has two pets". We had to go around the room and talk to everyone to see which category they could write their name. To win, we needed to talk to everyone on our team! At the end, we made some friendship bracelets.

Cooking - Blue & Red

Today cooking we made some special no-bake apple pies in a cup! We learned about the layers of the road when we built them. There was a lot of fun construction with smashing up different crackers and adding in cut apples and applesauce.

Discovery - Yellow

Today in discovery we started our fun two part construction project! Step one is deconstruction. We used tools to deconstruct some kind of device (an ipad, ereader, boombox, laptop, ect). It was fun to take things apart and discover how they look on the inside!

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