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Construction, Day 2

Games - Red Group Only

Today in games we designed new games. We made up our game as one big team! If we didn’t agree on something, we tried to incorporate both ideas. It’s fun to combine ideas and try new things. Our games were also very unique.

Play - Yellow and Blue

Today play class we started with a fun team game. One person throws a large dice and it lands on different sides. Every side how some kind of neat action. We then hopped, crab walked, skipped, or run to the next line. Everyone had a turn to throw the dice and we all got to move our bodies in different ways. After, we played our favorite game! We built a tower as a team. Sitting on the scooter, we moved across the gym!


Today in projects we made our very own eclipse viewers. First, we learned a little about the upcoming eclipse. Then, the teacher gave us all the direction to made them. We each made our own, but had to practice sharing the supplies.


Ask me about the rest of the book! Today we finished it. We also worked out making a puzzle piece about ourselves. The puzzle pieces are being put together from all the classes to make one big puzzle. Just like the puzzle pieces, we all fit together!

Cooking - Yellow

Today in cooking we got to make our very own creations! We used different fruits and toothpicks to be able to build something neat. We were going to build a car, and there were directions we could follow. Mostly it was fun to be unique and make aliens, battle ships, and whatever else we could think about.

Discovery - Blue and Red

Yesterday, we broke apart different tech items. Today, we used those item to create some kind of neat new thing. We loved to add googly eyes and other parts to make them really neat.

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