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Construction, Day 1

Games - Red Group Only

Today in games we are constructing our very own Yakety Yak game! Since it is build week, we are thinking about all the different ways you can build something. For example, your own game. It’s fun to work in a group to plan the rules and goals of the game.

Play - Yellow and Blue

Today in play we started with a fun balloon game. We sat in a circle and passed the balloon. Whoever had the balloon shared their name. This was fun to get to toss the balloon, sometimes it went up really high. Now the whole team knows everyone's name too! After, we played our favorite bowling game. One person built the coolest tower we could think of, and the other rolled a ball towards it to knock it down.


Today in class we built towers in teams. We wanted to make them as high as we could. We used Popsicle sticks and tape. It was fun to be creative in the shape. Some of us started them flat and then stood them up at the end, others built vertically to start.


Today we started our new book: Making Friends is an Art by Julia Cook. In the book, the brown crayon is sad because no one wants to use it. Then, they found out that brown was special because he was made of all the colors. In class, we mixed red and yellow to make orange. Then, we mixed in some blue and created brown! It was fun to mix the colors and learn how they work. We also made friendship trees. We painted our hands and then stamped them on the tree to be the leaves.

Cooking - Yellow

Today cooking we made some special no-bake apple pies in a cup! We learned about the layers of the road when we built them. There was a lot of fun construction with smashing up different crackers and adding in cut apples and applesauce.

Discovery - Blue and Red

Today in discovery we started our fun two part construction project! Step one is deconstruction. We used tools to deconstruct some kind of device (an ipad, ereader, boombox, laptop, ect). It was fun to take things apart and discover how they look on the inside!

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