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Construction, Day 1

To follow the theme of construction, we talked about LEGOSs! We even got to make our own personal LEGO characters!! We also made blueprints out of LEGOs. We were able to paint them and then stamp them onto the page. It was kind of silly and a ton of fun!!

Then, we build some really neat marshmallow towers. Building is fun because we can be creative and have fun! We had so much fun using creativity to build build build.

We had a great friendship moment in class today! One kid was inviting another to sit with him. They both sat together and interacted amazingly. It was such a beautiful moment that the teacher cried. So, so amazing!!!

We went to play class today! Today in play we started with a fun balloon game. We sat in a circle and passed the balloon. Whoever had the balloon shared their name. This was fun to get to toss the balloon, sometimes it went up really high. Now the whole team knows everyone's name too! After, we played our favorite bowling game. One person built the coolest tower we could think of, and the other rolled a ball towards it to knock it down.

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