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Mad Science, Day 4

Chit Chat

Today we played a super, super fun acting game. It was so amazing and the kiddos crazy loved it. We took turns to pretend to act our real life situations. Then together, everyone decided if the situation is a time when people use bubblegum brains or brick brains.

Yak Academy

Today we made our very own volcanoes! It used flour, water, cooking oil and a ton of salt! We made them around a water bottle which is the inside. Our focus was working as a group. We also had to decide how it would look together.


Today we learned how water changes, and how water in lemonade can change colors! Ask your kiddo what forms water can be in and see if they remember their Cooking lesson!


Today we used science to make special invisible ink. Then, we Using invisible ink to write a message - sharing materials and saying something nice about others.


Today we practiced experimental design! We took data on how quickly each person could run back and forth to get bean bags. We run multiple trials and then did some data analysis. It was fun to learn about experiments and get to move around at the same time!

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