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Mad Science, Day 4


Today in play class we played a game with a big dice. We rolled it to see what movement we would do from the main line out to the middle line. It was fun to move our bodies in different ways. We also got to do a fun tower building game. All the blocks were in one area and we got to ride on a scooter to move to the stack of blocks. It was also a team activity so we built part of it and then someone else was able to build it. We practiced using our bubble gum brains and being flexible with our ideas about how the tower should look.


Friendship was especially fun because we finished our book! There were some pictures from the book projected so everyone could see. Then we did a fun activity where we talked how what a bubble gum brain and a brick brain looks like when interacting with our peers. We picked different situations (giving up, not sharing, building friendships, and using your manners). After, we did an activity that was really popular with everyone! We loved conducting an experiment to see what happened when we tried to mix oil and water. The water also was cool colors but each table only had one color. So, we needed to ask if we wanted to use a different one and were encouraged to make a deal to trade!


Yesterday we built amazing amazing volcanoes. They dried over night and today we did a fun science project of making them explode. We added some water, food color, baking soda and then the power ingredient (vinegar)... stand back... BOOM! It erupted high up!


Today we practiced experimental design! We took data on how quickly each person could run back and forth to get bean bags. We run multiple trials and then did some data analysis. It was fun to learn about experiments and get to move around at the same time!


Today we learned how water changes, and how water in lemonade can change colors! Ask your kiddo what forms water can be in and see if they remember their Cooking lesson!


Today we used science to make special invisible ink. Then, we Using invisible ink to write a message - sharing materials and saying something nice about others.

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