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Mad Science Day 3


Today was a science extravaganza in projects class! We made some very cool volcano! It was super neat to build them. We worked in teams so we practiced our sharing and cooperation skills. Sometimes we had to listen to other people’s ideas and we used our bubblegum brains to think flexibly about new ideas.


Friendship such was super fun! We made Brag-Tag necklaces. It was cool because they had a quote on them. We made holes in the tags and strung them onto a necklace with beads! We also went over our story again.

Play- Yellow, Blue

Today in play we played soccer with a yoga ball! It could be a little tricky to remember to just use our feet and not our hands. We also had to really kick hard to make the yoga ball go all the way back to the teacher!

Cooking- Blue, Red

Today in cooking, we made a fun slushie using four ingredients: juice, ice, salt, and our bodies! We put ice into a bag and added some salt to make it really cold. We explained the Science of the interaction of ice and salt, and how shaking it made the inside bag full of juice into a fun and frozen treat! We drank it right out the bag!

Discovery- Yellow

Today we played with crystals, using the right formula and scientific recipe to make borax into something beautiful! The crystals will need to sit overnight. So, we need to wait until tomorrow to see how our creations will turn out!

Games - Red

Today in games we played a science themed game. We talked about biology and red and white blood cells. Did you know that white blood cells help to fight off germs? We acted it out in our game. Kids were the white blood cells and they had to chase the germs!

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