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Mad Science Day 3

Cooking- Green

Today in cooking, we made a fun slushie using four ingredients: juice, ice, salt, and our bodies! We put ice into a bag and added some salt to make it really cold. We explained the Science of the interaction of ice and salt, and how shaking it made the inside bag full of juice into a fun and frozen treat! We drank it right out the bag!

Discovery- Orange, Silver

Today we played with crystals, using the right formula and scientific recipe to make borax into something beautiful! The crystals will need to sit overnight. So, we need to wait until tomorrow to see how our creations will turn out!


Today in games we played a science themed game. We talked about biology and red and white bloodcells. Did you know that white blood cells help to fight off germs? We acted it out in our game. Kids were the white blood cells and they had to chase the germs!

Yak Academy

Today in Yak Academy we made some oobleck! We mixed cornstarch and water to make our messy project. Oobleck is fun because it is a liquid and a solid! When we out our hand in slowly, it feels like a solid but when we let it sit on our hand, it feels like a liquid!

Chit Chat

Today in Chit Chat we made our very own bubble game brain books! We folded paper to form a book. Sometimes folding was a little tricky but we practiced following directions and going along with the group. When the book was made, we drew the pictures inside. Now we have our very own Bublegum Brain book to keep!

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