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Mad Science, Day 2

Scientist Thelma here once again to share my observations about day 2! Today was filled with some messy experiments that lead to lots of fun. Check out the pictures below to see how experiments help us learn the best!

Games - Red Group Only

Today we did played a fun science themed activity. Each kid pretended to be an atom. They held onto a hula-hoop and ran down around a cone and came back. Then, another "atom" held on. This continued until we could see how big the element become! The record was 12 atoms! After, they did a race where two teams competed to see who could get their atoms on the quickest.

Play - Yellow and Blue

What time is it Mr. Fox? Bean-bag toss (basketball hoop while on a trampoline, sitting on a bean bag with throwing towards the tower, and rolling towards bowling pins).


Ooooo! One of our messy projects! We had fun mixing cornstarch and water to make a substance that is simultaneously solid and liquid. We practiced following directions and having new sensory experiences.


Today we talked about being flexible by working with pipe cleaners and stretchy materials! We related stretching materials to "Bubblegum Brain" thinking!!

Cooking - Yellow

Today we learned how water changes, and how water in lemonade can change colors! Ask your kiddo what forms water can be in and see if they remember their Cooking lesson!

Discovery - Blue and Red

Today we used science to make special invisible ink. Then, we Using invisible ink to write a message - sharing materials and saying something nice about others.

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