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Mad Science, Day 2

We have developed a normal routine for the start of buddies! Each day, we start with circle time where we all gather around and listen to teacher Elise read us a story. She has a lot of energy when she reads and uses fun voices!

We continue to enjoy going to recess. The swings and slides are particularly popular! It’s really fun to enjoy the sunshine.

Today, one activity was making music with water! We had different glasses with water in them. The water was also different fun colors. We used spoons and chopsticks to tap the cups experiment to find which sounds we could make. It was fun to explore music and colors!!

Another activity was a little messy, so it was the best! We mixed shaving cream with paint. Many kids loved to touch the shaving cream! Then we swirled it around and pressed a paper into it, creating a marbled masterpiece!

As always, we finished with our favorite song and dance. Dance parties are the best! Lights down, and disco balls on!

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