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Mad Science, Day 1

Scientist Thelma here, prepped and prepared to share camp daily data about our different classes! So many exciting experiments happened all over camp today, and I hypothesize that this week is going to be a hoot! Camp Yakety Yak uses the perfect equation:

fun(friendship+education)= The Best Camp Around

Take a look and see the amazing experiments that are happening at camp and see the chemistry that is growing between campers!

Today in buddies we were excited to kick off our mad science week! We wanted to learn about seed germination with some fun science experiments.

Today, we planted some beans in a ziplock bag. They are hanging up in the window of our classroom. We cannot wait to see how they will grow!

We also do an outside planting activity. We had a large planter and took turns using cups of soil to plant our beans. This was a good way to practice joint attention and waiting. We also each had a chance to plant our own seeds. It was so fun to enjoy being in the sun and then to work together.

To go with our planting theme, we listened to a fun song called Grow Little Seed, Grow. This song was really popular among all the kids and staff. You can find the video here:

We also made some cute tissue paper mosaic flowers. It was fun to get to pick the colors and get our hands a little sticky with glue! Our master pieces are now hanging up in our room!

We always end buddies with our fun dance party! We dance to a song called Freeze Dance. It’s fun to dance around. We have to listen to when the song tells us to freeze. Then, we get to hop, and spin. You can find the video here:

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