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Mad Science, Day 1

Scientist Thelma here, prepped and prepared to share camp daily data about our different classes! So many exciting experiments happened all over camp today, and I hypothesize that this week is going to be a hoot! Camp Yakety Yak uses the perfect equation:

fun(friendship+education)= The Best Camp Around

Take a look and see the amazing experiments that are happening at camp and see the chemistry that is growing between campers!

Games - Red Group Only

Today in games, we talked about gravity! The quote of the day was "you might hate gravity but gravity doesn't care", shown by when we tried to jump, and focus on floating, but came back to the ground anyway. We threw balls in the air, rolled them down the hill, and focused on what gravity does to our bodies when we are in motion.

Play - Yellow and Blue

Today in PLAY, we did our favorite activity again! We experimented with gravity and how force makes things fall down! To help with fine motor skills, we first built the tower, making sure to not knock it over in the process. Then we got to use force in the shape of a rolling ball. Turn taking was a big part of our activity.


Today we focused on the science of colors, chromatography. We used different markers and water to show how colors can disperse and how it can make for a fun, engaging, and colorful activity!


We focused on Julia Cook's book, "Bubble Gum Brain" which helps us focus how we can be flexible, and make our minds more like Bubble Gum. We worked on icebreakers, and how to create flexible thinking in our minds.

Cooking - Yellow

Today in cooking, we made a fun slushie using 4 ingredients, juice, ice, salt, and our bodies! We put ice into a bag and added some salt to make it really cold. We explained the Science of the interaction of ice and salt, and how shaking it made the inside bag full of juice into a fun and frozen treat! We drank it right out the bag!

Discovery - Blue and Red

Today we played with crystals, using the right formula and scientific recipe to make borax into something beautiful!

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