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Space Odyssey, Day 4

Mission Upload: This is Ship Yakety-Yak. Huston, we have a problem: this odyssey is almost at a close! We can see planet Friendship! Stay tuned to see what happens tomorrow on our final day of this trip!

- Captain Luna Stargazer

Chit Chat

We did a retelling the story of the week; Going on a Personal Space Walk where we identify different things outside (e.g. trees, swing set, etc) that need their own personal space.

Yak Academy

We will be having a group discussion about how to survive on our new, unknown destination planet. We will be discussing all the different aspects and the different possible scenarios. We will be focusing on group speaking and expression of ideas. I am hoping everyone participates and gets to share their own unique opinions!


Today in games class, we made people Jedi! The training was going through the obstacle course, picking up a light saber and being about to defend the alliance against the empire! It was super fun and there were a lot of smiles.


Today we made special space popcorn space meteors! It was even green! The kids made the green dye by mixing some spinach water and melted marshmallows. It was a little sticky and some of us weren't sure about touching it. But, to make it into the ball, we had to get our hands a little sticky.


Today in class, we finished our neat podracers. We were creative and got to finish them in our own unique way! When everyone was done, we did a race against our friends! It was so fun to run around the room and push them!

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