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Odyssey, Day 4

Mission Upload: This is Ship Yakety-Yak. Huston, we have a problem: this odyssey is almost at a close! We can see planet Friendship! Stay tuned to see what happens tomorrow on our final day of this trip!

- Captain Luna Stargazer


We got to play with some beanbags! First we threw them normally, but then we also got to practice throwing them while doing other things! We threw them at a tower while standing on a balancing board. There was a yoga ball to sit on and then through the beanbags at a stack of blocks. Finally, we jumped on a trampoline while throwing the bean bags into the basketball hoop.

Nature Trail

We have been enjoying a fun nature trail! It's a good way to get outside, get some exercise and communicate about nature. There has been a lot of join attention along the walk! We also can feel a lot of different textures of leaves, trees and flowers along the way!

Circle Time

We continued with circle time today! We really enjoy listening to the stories that we read and look at. Again, we got to look at more books after story time. The book corner is very popular!

Dance Party

Everyday, we end buddies with a super fun dance party! We like listening to the music and moving our bodies!

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