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Space Odyssey, Day 3

Mission Upload: This is Ship Yakety-Yak, We are flying clear, having a great time! We are continuing towards our destination of planet Friendship! Stay tuned to see the rest of our adventures for the week!

- Captain Luna Stargazer

Today we enjoyed some circle time again. We like to start out day listening to a story. We have two fun teachers who lead story time. We get to combine story reading and AAC. Each day, more and more buddies are able to stay with the group and enjoy all of circle time!

One camper enjoys some sensory play with bubbles and water. It is fun to get to play with the water, get a little wet, and enjoy playing with some friends!

One camper listened to the story and enjoyed playing with his balloon to keep his hands busy while he sat at the table!

One camper enjoyed outside time! Many kiddos love being at the playground! There are two swings and a tire swing. There are also two slides and a a fun airplane and school bus! Today was a beautiful day to run around, practice using our gross motor skills, and play with others!

Bubbles are also very popular! Some kiddos enjoy the bubbles in the water tub, but blowing bubbles is also very popular! It is fun to play with friends and have one person blow and one person pop. Sometimes, we like to watch the bubbles fly high into the sky!

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