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Space Odyssey, Day 3

Mission Control, this is Ship Yakety-Yak, We are flying clear, having a great time! We are in the green zone now, but learning all about the zones of regulation! Stay tuned to see the rest of our adventures for the week!

- Captain Luna Stargazer

Play- Yellow, Blue

Today in play we got to do a fun obstacle course! It was fun to get to go through in different ways. We couldn't get too close to our friends in front of us. So, we worked on our waiting skills too. After, we played right light, green light. Usually, the kids beat the blue shirts. Sometimes it was hard to lose, but we were able to take a break and talk about being in the red zone and how to move down to the blue again.


Making rockets out of straw and paper - campers will need to listen carefully, follow directions, and be creative

Cooking- Red, Blue

Today in cooking, we got to make pizza planets. Everyone had the chance to try some new foods: veggies on pizza and a base of gluten-free bread! Like always, we used our visual recipe to make our treat. We are practicing independence by trying to do as much of the recipe as we can on our own. Cooking starts with hand washing, and practicing kitchen safety.

Discovery- Yellow

Today we started a two day project. We are making our own Star Wars podracers. We are did some folding and following directions.


Each of the campers will laid on a piece of butcher paper and we will trace the shape of their body. Then we will cut each one out and decorate them. This will really put into perspective how much personal space each person takes up and how it varies from person to person. Then we will make some gel window cling planets using gelatin, water and food coloring to put on the windows in the classroom.

Games- Red

Today in games, we went through an obstacle course. There were a few different stations, so we could try out different things. We also got to move our bodies in all different ways.

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