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Space Odyssey, Day 2

Mission Control, this is Ship Yakety-Yak, We are flying clear, having a great time! We are in the green zone now, but learning all about the zones of regulation! Stay tuned to see the rest of our adventures for the week!

- Captain Luna Stargazer

Play- Yellow, Blue

An eagle scout made us some special balance boards to play with. Today, we practiced balancing on them. Most of us like to stand, but sometimes we also lay on them! We also did some scooting on the scooter boards. It's fun to play with our friends!


Today, we worked on designing aliens, using wet glue without making a big mess, different textures with some potentially sticky hands, sharing materials.

Cooking- Yellow

Today we made special space popcorn! It was even green! The kids made the green dye by mixing some spinach water and melted marshmallows. It was a little sticky and some of us weren't sure about touching it. But, to make it into the ball, we had to get our hands a little sticky.

Discovery- Red, Blue

We followed instructions to create a podracer that we will finish today, and race.


Yesterday, campers sat criss-cross applesauce on a poster board and the teacher traced around their bodies to measure the amount of personal space that they take up when they are sitting down. Today, we will finish reading our story for the week and then the kids will get to decorate their personal space place mats and turn it into their very own planet.

Games- Red

Today in games, we went through an obstacle course. There were a few different stations, so we could try out different things. We also got to move our bodies in all different ways.

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