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Camp Counselors in Training

Camp Yakety Yak has a leadership program within the general camp. The students and staff involved in this program are called Junior Camp Counselors, or JCC’s for short. JCC’s are involved with tons of activities and jobs around the camp. These jobs can range within anything from sweeping the gym floor when things get untidy, to being class assistants when class instructors need extra help. The JCC’s are ages 12 to 15 and most have been at camp before. These kids have plenty of social and world experiences to help them be great leaders at camp and in their own community. These amazing leaders around the camp are so helpful doing all kinds of things.

These great leaders are tons of fun but they also know when to work hard and how to be helpful to the other workers all over Camp Yakety Yak. It has been a really great experience to work with all of these wonderful kids as a JCC Mentor throughout the past week and a half. All of these kids are so kind and helpful and are always ready to work whenever anyone needs it. The JCC’s are great role models for campers, are cooperative in and out of class, and almost always have a positive attitude about things. Being a JCC is truly something for younger campers to look forward to!

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