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Space Odyssey - Day 1

Mission Control, this is Ship Yakety-Yak, ready for departure. 5-4-3-2-1 BLASTOFF info the week! Stay tuned to see the rest of our adventures for the week!

- Captain Luna Stargazer

Today, we did some circle time. Miss. Elise read us a story. It was really funny with a part about a grandma's underwear flying around. A lot of us laughed at that part and really enjoyed the book.

We had some neat areas in the buddies classrooms. One has a tent that a lot of us enjoy climbing into! You can look through the tent to neat light show. There is also some room that is empty. A lot of campers enjoy jumping or dancing here.

After the circle time, some of us were really excited to look at books. We were able to continue to look at books. It was fun to be able to look at a few different books!

Now, we have a neat sensory room. There are five bins with different items for fun textures, colors and sizes. The rice bin is especially popular. It's also fun to play with the cotton balls because they are much softer than a lot of the other items.

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