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Yellow & Blue Team - Treasure Hunters, Day 5

Davy Jones' Yaker

Land ho!

Ship Yakety-Yak has dropped anchor 'n lowered th' sails. Wha' a fantastic voyage we've had! Fer th' next week o' camp ye will be joined by me good matey, Captain Luna Stargazer. Spaceship Yakety-Yak blasts into space on July 10th! 'ave a great adventure 'n keep seekin' treasures!

ye cap'n 'n matey,

Davy Jones



Today we perfected the stories we made up yesterday and performed them for our class using the back drop and puppets we made earlier this week. Our instructor also recorded our stories so they can be shared with families later. We loved thinking about what our puppets would say and do! Making up stories is a lot of fun!



In Friendship class we talked about the things we learned this week and what we enjoyed about camp. We also continued talking about how objects feel and how those descriptions can also describe how words feel. Today we talked about cotton ball words. Those are the soft and nice words that can go in our talking bubble because they make people feel good.



We played a really fun game called Octopus Tag! The game starts with one person being "the octopus." Each person they tag becomes an octopus too. Our challenge was to get past the ever increasing amount of octopus taggers. It was a very fun way to grow our skills in turn-taking, sportsmanship, and communication skills! We laughed a lot!



A pirate came to camp today! His name is Captain Rick! He sang songs and trained us to be a pirate like him! We learned to swab the deck, stand at attention, dodge canon balls, and scare away an octopus! Captain Rick was very silly! We laughed and laughed when he sprayed us with water!

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