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Buddies- Treasure Hunters Day 4

Davy Jones' Yaker​

Ahoy thar mates! 'tis th' fourth day at sea. We be havin' a great time aboard ship Yakety-Yak. 'twas great t' see our hearties again today. Keep searchin' fer yak-bak gold t' fill our treasure chest! See ye tomorrow me shipmates

It has been warm this week, but we have a lot of fans around camp! Many campers love to feel the wind in their face and enjoy sitting in front of the fans. These boys are enjoying using the iPad to communicate with one another. Making new friends is always fun!

We get plenty of outside time! Here a camper is having fun with one of the graduate students, swinging back and forth. There were a ton of smiles and giggles. What more could you want than to enjoy some time on the swing set with a new friend?

Big smiles today as campers enjoy playing on the playground. This is a popular place for kids to pretend to drive a ship!

All aboard, Mateys!!

Swinging outside in the shade. It's fun to feel the wind in your hair. He is enjoying some time with his buddy!!

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