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Yellow & Blue Team- Treasure Hunters, Day 4

Davy Jones' Yaker​

Ahoy thar mates! 'tis th' fourth day at sea. We be havin' a great time aboard ship Yakety-Yak. 'twas great t' see our hearties again today. Keep searchin' fer yak-bak gold t' fill our treasure chest! See ye tomorrow me shipmates



We had a great time chatting with our new friends in friendship class! We listened to a great story then we explored selected objects on the classroom tables like marshmallows, cotton, sandpaper, stuffed animal, blanket, crumpled aluminum foil, rocks, and bowls. Did you know that the same words that described the objects can also describe how our words feel? Our team had a great chat about the types of words that should stay in our thinking bubbles and which words are okay to have in our talking bubbles.



Remember the backdrop and pirate puppets we made yesterday? Today we played with them! We took turns telling the best pirate stories. Some of us even told stories together! It's really fun to play with things we made ourselves!



We stumbled across an island full of fruit; a kitchen island that is! We followed a recipe and listened to the instructor's verbal directions to make a delicious fruit salad. Available ingredients included pineapple, grapes, strawberries, kiwi, and oranges! To top it off, we were offered coconut whipped cream! YUMMY!



We had a great time cheering for our teammates as they completed they worked together to complete the Pirate Treasure Hunt obstacle course! Look at how high our tower was!



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