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Orange & Green Team - Treasure Hunters, Day 4

Davy Jones' Yaker​

Ahoy thar mates! 'tis th' fourth day at sea. We be havin' a great time aboard ship Yakety-Yak. 'twas great t' see our hearties again today. Keep searchin' fer yak-bak gold t' fill our treasure chest! See ye tomorrow me shipmates! -Davy Jones


Yak Academy

Have you ever found treasures on the beach? Gold, jewels, coins, seashells or sea-glass? We had a great time talking about things we have seen and/or found on beaches. Then we got to make our very own sunken treasure boat to take home! It was fun to see how other campers made unique creations with the bottles, glitter, orbeez, beads, and sand and to talk about our creations! Did we mention our color mixing discoveries? We learned that you can create many different colors from just three shades of food coloring. How neat is that?!


Chit Chat

Someone hid our treasure! Luckily the instructor knew how to find the name-rocks we made yesterday. We were each allowed to ask three questions about the secret location. Then we worked together to find our hidden treasure! Once the rocks were safely back in our hands we were challenged to remember the other campers' names and favorite things. Friends like it when we remember things about them. We also talked about filtering our thoughts and played a fun game called 'Pin the Words on the Pirate." We listened to a variety of stories and thought about the behavior. Then we raised a card that said "think" if we thought the sentence/question was something we should keep to ourselves. We raised a card that said "say" if we thought it was okay to say it to another person.



Most ships don't have a parachute, but ours does! Everyone on our team held on to the colorful parachute so that it formed a big circle. We took turns throwing a ball onto the parachute while the rest of the team worked together to make the ball fall through the hole in the center of the parachute! It was a fun challenge!



We stumbled across an island full of fruit; a kitchen island that is! We followed a recipe and listened to the instructor's verbal directions to make a delicious fruit salad. Available ingredients included pineapple, grapes, strawberries, kiwi, and oranges! To top it off, we were offered coconut whipped cream! YUMMY!

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