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Orange & Green Team - Treasure Hunters, Day 3

Davy Jones' Yaker

Ahoy mateys! Today be th' third day aboard ship Yakety Yak. We 'ave been makin' new mateys 'n havin' a lot o' fun! Th' weather was warmer today 'n th' seas were calm. We be still on a quest t' find more gold!

- Davy Jones

Yak Academy

Today, campers worked on creating some super neat pirate ships! Sometimes the amount of sand made them not work exactly right. So, campers practiced being okay with things do not work out the way they expect them to. We love being able to work on growth mindset.

"Ahoy thar matey come on aboard me ship"

Chit Chat

Today, campers finished listening to their story of the work. Then, they created a story board. It was made with pictures to help retell the story. Campers made their own social filters by decorating a thought bubble and a speech bubble. One camper said, “Well, you know, my social filter is always clean”.


Games class was very fun today with a ball tossing game. Campers worked on team work skills to pass the ball to one another. They tried to see how many times they could toss the ball before it dropped. To work on being a good teammate, campers were encouraged to count the number of tosses and cheered when they got to a high number!


First campers went over some kitchen safety rules and brainstormed things that might be hot or dangerous. Then, campers practiced washing their hands. An important aspect of cooking was team work. Campers had a partner who they worked together with to make a smoothie! They practiced collaboration and communication by taking turn picking ingredients for the smoothie. Pushing the button on the blender was almost as fun as drinking their creations!

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