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Buddies- Treasure Hunters, Day 3

Davy Jones' Yaker

Ahoy mateys! Today be th' third day aboard ship Yakety Yak. We 'ave been makin' new mateys 'n havin' a lot o' fun! Th' weather was warmer today 'n th' seas were calm. We be still on a quest t' find more gold!

- Davy Jones

The Playground

The Buddies rooms are near the playground. Campers enjoyed getting some fresh air and playing on the air plane together today!

Making New Friends

Buddies have enjoyed getting to know some new friends including their one to one assistants. They have been working together to create schedules that allow each camper to go to the classes and activities they like the most. There have been many smiles and fun throughout the day!

Sensory Play

Some camper enjoyed getting messy with shaving cream! They played with the shaving cream, filling the tub and enjoyed playing and getting messy. Sometimes the most fun is the messiest!

Play Class

Campers moved across the gym, practicing moving their whole bodies. Then, they were able to go through an obstacle course challenge. They walked across balance beams, climbed through hula-hoops, jumped on a trampoline and crawled through a tunnel. This gave them a chance to move in new ways and to practice waiting their turn.

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