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Yellow & Blue Team, Treasure Hunters Day 2

Davy Jones' Yaker

Ahoy! Ahoy t' me ship. Today was th' second day out at sea. We had a lot o' fun 'n 'ave been learnin' many new thin's. I 'ave a lot o' new hearties. I hope ye enjoy readin' about wha' we 'ave been up t' aboard ship Yakety Yak. Arrgh!, See Ya Chum!

-Davy Jones


We are learning all about the “Zones of Regulation” at camp this year. Campers reviewed these zones. Then, they played a fun game called “Name that Emotion”. Campers look at characters and guessed which emotion they had. Each kid was then asked to identify their own emotions and the corresponding zone.


Today, campers created their own three panel ocean themed story. They learned about the elements of a story. The kiddos shared their story with a pattern. Volunteers were then able to share their story in front of the group. The team practiced being good audience members through active listening and clapping at the end of each story!


Today in play class, campers practice turn taking. One at a time they got to build a tower from blocks. When the builder was ready, another teammate rolled the ball to break down the tower. To practice being a good teammate, campers cheered when the tower was knocked over. Sometimes, waiting can be hard, but today these little pirates did great


Today, campers created a fruit salad. Before cooking, campers practice washing their hands and kitchen safety. Campers worked on their fine motor skills by using the knives to cut their own fruit. They also were able to make choices about what went into their fruit salad. Campers tried out a special whipped coconut topping.

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