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Green & Orange - Treasure Hunters, Day 2

Davy Jones' Yaker

Ahoy! Ahoy t' me ship. Today was th' second day out at sea. We had a lot o' fun 'n 'ave been learnin' many new thin's. I 'ave a lot o' new hearties. I hope ye enjoy readin' about wha' we 'ave been up t' aboard ship Yakety Yak. Arrgh!, See Ya Chum!

-Davy Jones

Yak Academy

Yak Academy had a fun challenge for campers today. The campers watched a video to learn how to make origami boats! This was a fun way for campers to practice listening to multi-step directions. Some boats were not as *perfect* as campers wanted them to be. But, they were able to practice being okay with things didn’t go their way.

Shiver me timbers! I just saw a paper ship!

Chit Chat

In Chit Chat, campers learned all about a social filter. Campers started in circle time to brainstorm what a filter was. They played with some special pirate booty mixture and used a colander to see what a filter does. Campers all had a chance to add some pirate booty and some water to the treasure.


In games class, campers played a game called statues. Everyone was able to move around a little, and practice some self control when staying frozen like a statue. Then, they played an ultimate rock-paper-scissors game. In this game, campers had a chance to practice winning and losing with a good attitude.


Discovery was all about the stars today! Campers learned some new facts and tried to learn one special thing about stars. Then they were able to make their own special constellations. Campers practiced sharing materials. The constellations could be a little tricky, so campers were encouraged to ask for help if they needed it.

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