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Green & Orange - Treasure Hunters, Day 1

Davy Jones' Yaker

Ahoy matey! Ahoy aboard me ship. We be settin' off on a week long adventure t' unknown lands. We be ready t' try new thin's, make new hearties, 'n maybe discover some loot!

-Davy Jones

Yak Academy

Yak Academy started with campers brainstorming movies and shows that are related to pirates or treasure hunters. Campers then designed their very own pirate flag. They practiced sharing materials and asking for help.

Chit Chat

Campers got creative and painted some rocks. They decorated them with their names and something about themselves (favorite color, favorite thing to do, ect). The goal was to get to know each other on a more personal bases-- more than just a name, but also knowing something personal about the group mates! This can be especially helpful for kiddos who may have a hard time connecting on a deeper level with peers.


Camper took turns introducing themselves. They shared some of their favorite games with the group. Then, campers watches and participated in a lesson that focused on what it means to be a good sport and to try your very best. Camper played sharks and minnows and blog tags. Everyone got a chance to run around and play with each. It was a fun way to learn about the importance of working together as a team and not giving up!


Campers learned that “treasures” can be found in unlikely places. Each kid had the chance to share a time when they had found a treasure before. Then, campers found treasure by digging through some sand! Campers were able to bring home their treasures!

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