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Yellow & Blue Team - Treasure Hunter, Day 1

Davy Jones' Yaker

Ahoy matey! Ahoy aboard me ship. We be settin' off on a week long adventure t' unknown lands. We be ready t' try new thin's, make new hearties, 'n maybe discover some loot!

-Davy Jones


Campers made pirate puppets using paper and craft sticks. They were able to work on some fine motor skills with coloring and cutting. The goal was to listen to following directions. Campers will be using the puppets later in the week to act out social scripts (like asking to play with a friend on the playground).


Campers sat in a circle and passed a “magic talking ball”. Whoever had the magic ball was the one who was able to share. They shared their name and favorite colors. Teammates had to wait their turn to share and practice listening to their peers. They then met RJ the puppet who helped them read the book “I Can’t Believe You Just Said That!” by Julia Cook. Finally, they made their own special name tags.


Play started out with campers sitting in a circle. They passed around a medicine ball. When they had the ball, it was their turn to share their name and their favorite animal. Campers practiced listening, sharing, and waiting. Campers also used a visual schedule to know which games they would be playing.


First campers went over some kitchen safety rules and brainstormed things that might be hot or dangerous. Then, campers practiced washing their hands. An important aspect of cooking was team work. Campers had a partner who they worked together with to make a smoothie! They practiced collaboration and communication by taking turn picking ingredients for the smoothie. Pushing the button on the blender was almost as fun as drinking their creations!

Yo ho ho and a cup of smoothie!

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