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Buddies: Day 3 (July 2016)

​It was so wonderful to see all of our campers participating in social activities today! We were especially happy to see campers initiating interactions with each other.

Circle Time

We were very excited to see every camper participate in circle time! Here in Buddies, we encourage all of the campers to participate in every activity, in a way that is comfortable for them. For some, this might mean sitting near the group or touching one of the supplies before switching to an alternate activity. We meet the camper where they are, then encourage them to participate a little more the next day. You can ask your camper's counselor what participation looks like for your camper in each activity.


The campers made indoor s'mores in cooking class.

Homemade play-dough! The campers were presented with a zip-lock bag of partially finished play-dough which the kneaded with the assistance of their counselors. Our staff member, Lucinda, brought food coloring so that each camper could customize the play-dough to a color of their choosing. Some campers preferred to play with their dough through the bag, while others manipulated the dough into shapes using their hands or cookie cutters. It was an enjoyable experience for the group, with many campers participating for 100% of the allotted time.

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