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Day 9- Yellow, Blue and Red Teams (Ages 4-11)

Assembly is always a good place to highlight the items in the lost and found box. We still h ave a lot of unclaimed goods, so be sure to stop by on Friday. There was another appearance by Jeff the Sock Puppet, thanks to Diego. Jeff and Jeremy had a great discussion on what it means to be nice and be a good friend. The Afternoon Assembly was full of great jokes, wonderful talents and songs.


Disgust's sunbutter honey banana quesadilla, learning more about tongue/tastebuds (salty, sweet, bitter tastebuds), campers watch a fun cartoon about our tongue (amazing facts and abilities of the tongue)


In theater today the campers practiced complementing themselves by sharing what they are good at and acting it out with their bodies. They also celebrated the last full day of camp by playing a fun guessing game of "Poison Dart Frog".


foxes and squirrels and movement dice


Learning to give an appropriate and genuine compliment, while also learning to graciously receive a compliment. Campers filled out a compliment card for another camper on the team, then campers shared their compliment with the group. They celebrated with a rocket stomp. What is a compliment? Why are compliments important to people? What can we say when a person gives us a compliment?

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