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Day 8- Yellow, Blue and Red Teams (Ages 4-11)


Rick started the day with an interactive movement story, Herbie the Family Pet. Jeremy interrupted conversation

Afternoon did the llama song, had a camp wide Yak Back update by the JCCs, and a cup stacking challenge.

Note to reader: we had an issue with the church internet today, more photos will be posted soon.

Cooking class made "Joy's mango strawberry friendship smoothie", learning more about tongue/taste buds (sweet tastebuds), campers combine 2 layers of smoothie to make a drink that tastes even better than one flavor alone (relating this to friendship/conversation).

Theater class dove into songs and movement relating to conversation inspired by the go noodle website.

Play experienced games relating to conversation: Four Corners and Sharks and Minnows

In Projects class today, different teams had different experiences.

YELLOW - Read "ish" - Feelings charades. BLUE - Conversation jenga. RED -Continue filming.

Friendship class focused on learning to take turns in conversation while sharing interests with a peer: Read "Interrupting Chicken", talk about turn taking then watch video Social Skills Training:Taking Turns Speaking. Activity: Campers are paired up with a peer, each one takes a turn choosing a picture from 20 that are laid out on tables, the camper who did not choose the picture says something nice about the picture then asks a question about the picture, then they switch roles. What does it mean to take turns in a conversation? Why is it important to take turns in a conversation? How does the person we are talking to feel when we interrupt their talking?

Recess options included floating ping pong balls with hair driers, freeze tag, group juggling with beach ball, coloring mandalas and open gym and playground.

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