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Day 8 Green, Orange and Silver Teams (Ages 9-11)


Rick started the day with an interactive movement story, Herbie the Family Pet. Jeremy the puppet demonstrated interrupting a conversation.

Afternoon did the llama song, had a yak Back update from the JCCs, and a cup stacking challenge.

Yak Academy

Ignoring distractions/maintaining focus while doing a task learning, Activity: editing/finalizing movies with names and title + adding music, work on take-home momento from class

Cooking class made "Joy's mango strawberry friendship smoothie", learning more about tongue/taste buds (sweet tastebuds), campers combine 2 layers of smoothie to make a drink that tastes even better than one flavor alone (relating this to friendship/conversation).

Theater class dove into songs and movement relating to conversation inspired by the go noodle website.


Review Daily Class Target, Obstacle course/minute to win it type games, campers divided on teams, Incorporate 5 Point Scale- Check in on number kids are throughout the game Review How to be a good winner and good loser.

Chit Chat

Reviewed Conversation Skills- Green Zone of Conversation, aka not interrupting.

Recess options included floating ping pong balls with hair driers, freeze tag, group juggling with beach ball, coloring mandalas, open gym and playground.

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