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The JCC Perspective (ages 12-15) Part 4

"Yesterday I was good. I helped during assembly. I did the Yak Bak count and announced it to everyone. The total was 172. I was happy that I got to announce the winners who was the blue team. They won. The JCCs need to earn 25 points. If we earn 25 points, we get to have a doughnut party. At recess I made crafts. I made a toilet paper tube and the white paper with a rubber band. Mr. Rick helped me with them. We stacked and then re-stacked the chairs so J* could sweep the floors. He’s good at sweeping. I was a community helper yesterday. I was a good peer model by listening and watching and paying attention Mr. Rick. We made a thank you card for Kristen and Mr. Rick. They were really happy about it. Kristen cried because she was so happy. I said good luck to them being mom and dad very well."


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