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Day 7 Green, Orange and Silver Teams (Ages 9-11)

GamesFocus for the day is competing as an individual against others and yourself. Since campers compete as individuals there is waiting involved so the goals were to take turns and help. These were invidula field events: 1) Shot Put 2) Shuttle Run 3) Broad Jump 4) Sprint Campers took turns measuring and recording the results of other competitors.Assembly started with examples of conversations. Why do some conversations work better than others?

Cooking class made Corn Dog Muffins. They talked about the ingredients and determined what made the recipe sweet and what made it savory.


Engaged in sound and movement games relating to Feelings Exploration.

Chit Chat

Show preview of Inside Out pause video after each feeling. Have staff tell one time they felt that way. Ask campers if they have felt that way. What was happening? Show pictures of the characters. Describe facial expression, body language of the characters. Split off into groups of two and have the kids digitally photograph as many emotions as they can. Then reconvene the group and everyone has to guess which emotion each photo is depicting. Project on screen.

Yak Academy

Introduce project/ view stop motion movie, "What Uh­oh! was in movie?” Brainstorm other uh­oh’s people could have at home, school, at the store, etc./ write on a big chart on the whiteboard. How would people feel/react to that using 5 Point Scale. Little or big reaction? Take a photo of the board with team's ideas. Show as many examples of animated/stop motion movies with a problem and solution as you can. Camp Director has a list.

In the Sibling Snack group we discussed finding what each person has in common with their sibling. Most didn't think they had anything to share at first, but as the group continued to discuss the topic, campers who were having trouble at first, realized they actually has something to share.

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