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The JCC Perspective (ages 12-15): Part 3

"Last friday we shook the ice cream to help the buddies and the red team. I liked making the ice cream and taking pictures of other campers and counselors. We watched scooby doo last friday and ate ice cream in the theatre room to watch the movie. Before watching the movie, we had to earn a bunch of community points, which was easy and fun! I had vanilla ice cream and strawberry, but I didn’t like the coconut ice cream. I don’t eat coconut that much and I don’t really like it. I held up signs on friday for recess options, and I had fun helping out and being a JCC. I was a good role model by listening 100% and being on task. I was independant last friday and washed the tables before snack. Daylan helped me with wiping off tables which was nice of her. During recess I got to hang out with Brandon who said that I shouldn’t go in the breakroom. I helped Bex by cleaning and vacuuming in the buddies room. I like helping clean up in the buddies room. We didn’t go to cooking class so our reward was watching a movie with Cody and everybody else. I like being here because I like doing stuff here and I like going to assembly and I like the people here. It’s not new to me, it’s old to me. What’s going to happen next year? We can say goodbye to all the JCCS until next year! I can’t wait to do more stuff next year and also more open gym. I like taking pictures of Mr. Rick but sometimes his parents call him Rick, and his family calls him Ricky. (We should ask him if he has a nickname for himself.)" -A

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