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Day 6- Yellow, Blue and Red Teams (Ages 4-11)

The Cooking class is still working with the Inside Out theme and made chocolate covered coconut popcorn to represent anger.

Projects class worked on finishing movie components (characters, back drop) While asking, what does it mean to "stay on task"? They also played a round of the Feelings game (charades).

Theater class started with a warm up and jumped into a lot of group participation games including the "My name is _________ and I'm feeling ________." They did a move-along song inspired by Professor Ding a Dong ( and played a version of the telephone with facial expressions.

Play was exciting for all as they played with the parachute and played Zoo Keeper.

Friendship class focused on the details of being a good friend through class discussion using visuals, watching a short video and playing a game.

Recess options included making Pipe Cleaner Crafts, Zombie Tag, Legos, Open Gym and a game of Poison Dart Frog.

This morning's assembly had a new twist. Camper, Diego brought, Jeff his puppet from home who got to meet Jeremy, a puppet who often makes an appearance at assembly. Together the puppets presented a conversation on social emotional skills, including being safe and respectful.

For the afternoon assembly we happily welcomed a performance by the musical theater group, "STAGES."

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