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Day 5- Yellow, Blue and Red Teams (Ages 4-11)

Today is cool tools day at Camp Yakety Yak. In Cooking Class (and because this is a big project, Theater class time is used as well). It also happens to be the day campers make their own ice cream day. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not...either way making your own ice cream can turn out great, or it can be an opportunity to have some cool tools in your tool bag for managing expectations.

The friendship class focused on using "Cool Tools" when a camper needs to calm down. Opportunities included making a Memory Orb stress ball, a hitting/stomping pad, a calming strategies booklet, plus bonus items for kit. How can a cool tool help you? What cool tools do you have in your kit? Do you always have to use the same cool tool?

Play Class warmed up with rolling the gigantic dice and the number it landed on determined how they would move across the gym., followed by Red Light Green Light.

In Projects Class they will continue to use their "Cool Tools" while exploring compromise! Using compromise to choose and design a backdrop to the movie they are creating with their partners.

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