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Day 5 Green, Orange and Silver Teams (Ages 9-11)

Today is cool tools day at Camp Yakety Yak. In Cooking Class (and because this is a big project, Theater class time is used as well). It also happens to be the day campers make their own ice cream day. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not...either way making your own ice cream can turn out great, or it can be an opportunity to have some cool tools in your tool bag for managing expectations.

In Chit Chat Class they defined "Cool Tools" for each individual by asking, "what makes you feel better?" Sensory exploration (i.e., "smell the flower, blow out the candle" deep breathing strategy) Campers will try out various sensory experiences and rate if they help them feel better such as getting a drink of water, taking a walk, reading a book, drawing/art, talking, etc.

The Games Class took a special hike around the Mt. Park Church Campus with the added challenge of the classic "Mother, May I?" Rules.

In Yak Academy they worked on communicating thoughts and expressing emotions on two levels. The first is making speech/thought/feeling bubbles for the characters in the story as they go through scenarios of what characters might be feeling based on facial/body expressions, using the 5 point scale. The second is real life talking to one's partner, "how do we share the work?"

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