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The JCC Perspective (Ages 12-15): part 1

"The JCC’s have been talking about taking pictures of other campers and team leaders and counselors. We are taking pictures for our camp blog and Facebook page. We also have a JCC schedule. The JCC schedule is when camp starts at 10am to 3pm Monday-Friday for 2 weeks for the August session. First, the JCC’s have to check-in at 9:50-10:10am and we put on our t-shirts and our aprons and, finally our nametags. After check-in, we start “Team Time” at 10:10-10:20am. Then, we start the Morning Meeting at 10:20-10:30am, the JCC’s do assembly prep in the afternoon. We count the Yak Backs. We practice announcements with Mr. Rick. And also, for the team meeting with our leader. We also work on the counselor training, the counselor training is for helping and playing, too. And we will help hand out Yak Backs at lunch time and other places too. And also, it is polite to say kind words and be safe, be kind, and try your best. Camp Yakety Yak is very pleased to have the JCC’s be leaders and community helpers. The other reason is that JCC’s help other campers respectfully." -Z

More of our photos:

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