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Day 3- Yellow, Blue and Red Teams (Ages 4-10)

Rick started the day with a camp wide favorite, The Lama Song (complete with hand motions).

In Friendship class they focused on recognizing the body language, facial expressions, and voices of different emotions. They asked questions like, How do we know when a person is sad, happy, scared, angry, disgusted? What does a person's face or body look like when they are upset, happy, sad, etc.?

In Cooking, it was smoothie day in the kitchen.

The Projects class dove into story-boarding with their new team. They started with some trouble shooting: What if you don't agree with your team mate?

Theater class explored body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice to express feelings.

The Play Class was active with ro sham bo relay races + other relays, but focused on tone of voice, facial expression and body language.

In the Sibling Snack group they drew pictures related to feelings they might experience with their sibling.

Day 3 wrapped up with the Afternoon Assembly. Rick Huddle already has the campers signing up and showing off their talents. Maddie from the Theater class is working with the entire camp on an ASL inspired dance.

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