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Day 2- Green, Orange and Silver Teams (Ages 9-11)

Rick started the day with inviting Ms. Kate on stage to explain the 5 Point Scale.

Working together means different things depending on the developmental level of the camper. For some campers, it means being able to share materials while other campers are able to share ideas. When they share ideas, they are practicing the skills of compromise, negotiation and resolution. In Yak Academy the campers are working on a stop motion animation project, but the real objective is to have the campers practice the skills of "working together" which will lead to success when asked to do group work at school.

In Cooking they have the opportunity to practice patients. Campers make the snack and it cooks while they are in another class. They get to eat it at lunch or snack time.

Chit Chat is an opportunity to put pen to paper and call out feelings associated with the 5 Point Scale.

Games was inside due to rain and fun was had by all with a few rounds of Apples to Apples.

The Theater class is a fun and safe place to act out big feelings as another character or in a specific story.

The Siblings Snack met for the first time. Campers got to know each other and learn what they all have in common. They also talked about the age range in the group and how they will work together to keep everyone engaged.

Rick Huddle ended the day with a story that got everyone involved with a classic story of "My, What a Peaceful House."

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