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Buddies: Day 4 (July 2016)

Circle Time

We had 100% participation in Circle Time for the second day in a row! We increased the level of engagement by giving the campers opportunities to make choices about songs. The campers were presented with symbols to choose what song the group would sing. Today's songs included "Hello", "Old MacDonald", and "Wheels on the Bus." Participation ranged from sitting quietly with the group to vocalizing/clapping.

​Arts and Crafts

Our campers added some color to the Buddies room with a tie dye art project. These wipes were twisted by the counselors, then colored by the campers. They make a pretty snazzy banner! Participation in this activity ranged from touching a wipe to full coloring with multiple markers.


Wow, were we impressed with turn taking and social interactions today! The campers were provided with homemade pompom-streamers and encouraged to cheer for their peers while they waited for their next turn. The result? A group of very happy campers and counselors!

Go team!


During the second recess the campers found a spider which Alex named "Kyle". They took turns holding it and watching it crawl. Incidental learning is the best! Next time we watch bugs, we'll get a photo!

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