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Buddies Program: Day 6

How nice it was to see our friends again today! We had an action packed day which included a few new experiences...


During Play the campers were invited to participate in a parachute activity. We practiced control through movement by keeping the balls on the parachute as we waved the fabric. Adventurous campers were encouraged to explore beneath the parachute for the finale. The parachute was a big hit!


We explored paints today, as you may have guessed by the streaks of color on your camper's arms, legs, and in one case, their belly. The campers experimented with different textures and colors in this activity. Many chose to paint leaves found on the playground during morning recess. Others painted paper plates or the drop cloth. Campers were encouraged to try finger painting as demonstrated by Counselor Bex. The campers made some very creative pieces!

painting with our friends


Returning to camp was exciting for many of our campers. They engaged in all activities with great enthusiasm. As a reward, we enjoyed a light show and a nature soundtrack to recenter ourselves before the end of the day. Some campers chose to watch the lights while laying on the comfortable bean bags, blankets, or chairs while others played with the netting or inspected the light machine up close.

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