WEEK 5: Super Yak and the Time Travelers

Super Yaks enter a new dimension

Calling all Time Travelers! It's week 5 which means the time has come to explore our past, present and future selves with Super Yak and the Time Travelers!


When we stop to reflect on what makes us special, we must look back at where we came from, who we are now, and where we see ourselves going in the future. This week, we'll be exploring time and making predictions about the future while we delve into activities from across the ages! We will explore reflections and predictions through activities such as cooking, hands-on activities, games and friendship curriculum unique to Camp Yakety Yak. It’s time to get traveling!

Day 1 of Discovery for Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Silver, and JCCs teams was spent choosing a time period to dive into and creating a small video sketch on the green screen. Campers chose from a few given time periods and wrote a sketch meant to teach their viewers one thing about that time period. We filmed the videos using the green screen and explored how our available technology makes traveling back (or forward) in time possible. AMAZING!

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First Day!


Cave Drawings in Projects!


Paper Pterodactyl making in Friendship class!


Dino Pancakes in Cooking!

Day 2!

This week in ChitChat, we are talking about perseverance and how to keep a friend. Students are talking about strategies to keep getting through something tough and practice ways of keeping friends not just making them. All of our hands-on projects for this week are centered in the prehistoric age. Can you guess what we've been making? DINOSAURS! Yesterday we used watercolors to draw dinos and today we got out the glitter glue to make some sparkly and sticky creatures. What a fun time! 


We made milkshakes in Cooking today. We even got to try to use the blender with the help of our blue shirt friends!


At the arts & crafts station during recess we made wacky, retro glasses out of paper and shiny, plastic sheets. It's like we stepped right out of the 80s!

This week in Yak Academy, we are making birdhouses! We've been learning how to use screwdrivers and work in stages to complete a project. Today, we added a few new pieces to our birdhouse and some of us even got to the painting step! We can't wait to take these beautiful creations home. 


Day 3!

This summer at Camp Yakety Yak has been filled with excitement and joy for Buddies campers, Yellow and Blue teams in Play class! Week 5 in Play class has been spent traversing a SUPER obstacle course, playing crab soccer, freeze tag, zoo keeper and finally, giant bubbles and some water play on Friday!

Today we played bowling with our bodies on scooter boards. It was so much fun! We also helped each other by bringing the balls and scooter boards back to the next person in line after our turn. This helped to make the games run smoothly and fun for everyone!


In Yak Academy today, campers on Silver team were back, hard at work putting the finishing touches on their bird houses!


Next up comes Discovery with Yellow Team!


What a fantastic end to another great season of camp. Summer 2019 has been one of our best yet. We were so 

happy you could join us this summer in making friends and memories at CYY. Thanks for being a part of our outstanding camp community. We hope to see you next year!