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Yak Travelers: The Next Adventure - Day 3

We’re already over halfway done with the week! Time has been flying by because we are having so much fun as Yak Travelers!! All throughout the day we are learning about different countries, cultures, and languages! It’s amazing that people all over the world are just like us but also have awesome differences too!

Today was a super special day. After Focus Time in the gym, we gathered together for a WHOLE CAMP photo! That’s right!! All the campers and team leaders and directors and instructors and nurses...EVERYBODY! It was a tight squeeze but we did an awesome job smiling for the camera. Tomorrow we’ll take team pictures. Just like tourists take pictures around the world on their travels, we took pictures today to remember all our happy memories at Camp Yakety Yak!

Read about what we did today at camp below!

Today in ChitChat, we talked about how homes and places of worship differ across the globe. We discussed how different materials are found in different areas of the Earth which impacts the way cultures build their towns, cities, homes, and places of worship. Campers spoke about being accepting of other people’s cultures and religions. Towards the end of class we did an experiment that was centered around architecture. We folded papers lengthwise into a circle, triangle, and square. We then stood them up and balanced books and boxes on top, seeing which shape could withstand the most weight.

Today in Yak Academy, we made a wee trip across the Atlantic to Scotland. Did you know that Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn!? It’s true!! Our passport stamp features the Scottish flag’s big X! After our visit to the Scottish Highlands, we continued to work on our postcards. Groups finalized their postcards’ backgrounds with the Green Screen app. Some postcards feature doodles or slogans and others include the country’s glad! They look FANTASTIC!! Tomorrow, campers will write on their postcards!

Today in Games we worked on flexibility. The first thing we had to be flexible about was staying inside out of the heat instead of playing outside. The second, and tougher, change was being flexible about the games we played and handling things that we can’t control. To start things off each group of campers was divided into a smaller group and played two games that can create some stress all by themselves - Trouble and Jenga. Some started with Trouble and the others at a table playing Jenga. Then, at random times, the two groups had to switch and leave their game as it was and pick up the other game. The knowledge and expectation of having to change before they’d finished and the need to focus on having fun in the moment resulted in an great experience for each team.

Today in Discovery, teams got the chance to learn about arts and crafts from around the world! We completed our art from 2 different countries. We learned about Mandalas from India and colored our very own mandala to display in the classroom. We also learned about origami from Japan and practiced making some origami of our own. Some of the origami was tricky, but no one gave up and everyone tried their best! We even had some origami experts that were able to teach some of their skills! We can’t wait to discover some more arts and crafts from around the world tomorrow!

Hola from Cooking! Today, teams learned about Mexico. We learned how to say hello in Spanish, “Hola!” We also learned that soccer is the most popular sport in Mexico. Did you know chocolate comes from Mexico? After talking about Mexico we made salsa. The campers had fun measuring the ingredients and using the blender safely. Once the salsa was blended we got some chips and sat down and ate our snack. It was so much fun to learn about a new place and to make a snack from that area. All campers worked great as a team and stayed safe in the kitchen.

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