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Yak Travelers: The Next Adventure - Day 3

What a wonderfully warm Wednesday! We had a fun morning meeting with Miss Sara and Miss Haley before we headed to Play class. Miss Elise helped us move our bodies with a game of toss the bean bag and snowballs into the basket! If we didn’t make a basket, we learned that’s OK and we can always try again! It also was great way for us to practice waiting and taking turns. We finished off class with our favorite big parachute activity. We practiced holding only one handle and following directions. When Miss Elise said, 1, 2, 3 Up and down, we did that. We also practiced shaking it fast and slow. It was so fun!

In the spirit of the week, we made our very own compasses so we know exactly what direction we are traveling. During centers, we got to use our creative skills and build structures with Legos!!!

Today was our day for cooking and we got to make our salsa! It was something new and different, but we tried it.

Last but not least, we finished our day with some really fun water play. We got a little more wet than usual but with this heat, it felt awesome! We are definitely hoping that we can do water play for the rest of the week! We can’t wait until tomorrow!

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