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Day 4- Yellow, Blue and Red Teams (Ages 4-11)

In Projects today they started with the question, "why follow directions?" and used that as a spring board as they made their characters and developed their thoughts/feelings. They also made progress on, how does the character feel in the beginning, middle, and end of the story?

Campers were outside again in Games class and played with the parachute. It was a fun way for the team to play together.

The Friendship class expanded on yesterday's lesson by taking turns on the white board in front of the class placing certain scenarios in different boxes for different emotions.

Cooking took a fusion approach to the lesson and had Sun-butter/honey/banana quesadillas.

The Theater students did some funny dancing, made funny noises and got interviewed by John the puppet.

The Sibling Snack group got a chance to talk about the drawings they made the day before.

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