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Day 1- Green, Orange & Silver Teams (Ages 9-11)

Silver Team During Snack Time

Green Team in Games Class!

Green Team in Games Class!

Lunch Times with All Campers!

Orange Team at Chit Chat!

Orange Team at Chit Chat!

Our older campers were hard at work today getting to know each other and their team leaders. Many teams came up with a team name today and other team building activities occurred throughout the day. Today's theme was to explore feelings throughout the whole curriculum.

  • In Friendship/Chit Chat, we began to learn about our feelings by referencing Inside Out through learning about each feeling and character.

  • In Projects/Yak Academy, campers were introduced to the Stop Motion movie and began to react to the Incredible Five Point Scale, that demonstrates the intensity of emotions on a scale of 1 (little bit of that emotion) to 5 (an "out of control" amount of that emotion.

  • In Games, campers learned how to join games with peers and how to invite others to play along with them.

  • In Cooking, campers made delicious dark chocolate coconut popcorn.

  • In Theatre, campers learned how to act out our emotions through introducing skits and plays as a variation of theatre performance.

Tomorrow campers begin receiving Yak Backs (like "a pat on the back") for following the camp rules of being safe, being kind and trying your best. They are working together to earn as many yak back tickets for a camp-wide prize. Who knows what it will be?!

Tomorrow the special Sibling Snack group begins to meet in a different location during Snack Time. Facilitator, Kristin Olson Huddle is looking forward to their great discussions!

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