WEEK 1: Super Yak's Got Talent

Kicking Week 1 off with a BANG

Everyone is so excited to be back for a fun-filled summer. On the first day back at camp, we welcomed both old and new buddies campers, as well as old and new staff. This week we are celebrating all of our amazing and talented buddies as we explore what makes us all unique and special! 


To start off camp, we got acquainted with our one on one assistants and class instructors. We kick each day off with morning circle where we read books like Dooby Dooby Moo for example and enjoy singing and dancing to songs together.  Buddies participate in PLAY class, art, and Discovery Class. One of the activities campers did in Play was take turns exploring sensory-motor play. In art, we created colorful microphones and in our discovery class, we created puppets. 

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First Day!

Arts & Crafts!











Recess Time!

Sensory Bins!

Week one with our Buddies Campers was a success. We made maracas and puppets and used our sensory bins and shaving cream to engage our campers. There was lots of dancing and shaking of maracas to be had. We can't wait to be back next week for Super Yaks on the Science Track. I wonder what that will have in store!? Until then, we take a bow as our week of Super Yak's Got Talent comes to an end. 

First day!

Safety goggles on for week 2

WEEK 2: Super Yaks on the Science Track

Today we kicked off week 2 of Buddies! We started the morning like always with morning meeting, reading fun books, and checking in on our feelings. We participated in PLAY class where we completed a fun obstacle course. In art, we made our very own sensory bags including our favorite colors and sparkles!!! We finished out our day with what else but a dance party!?!

Making Sensory Bags

Day 2!

Today we watched how our colors bled on coffee filters when sprayed. We turned our science experiment into beautiful butterflies! In Discovery class, we explored water and if items float or sink. 

Slime Time!

Cookin Campers

Day 3!

Over in Buddies, Wednesdays are our FAVORITE day of the week. Can you guess why? 


Bounce Break!

Shaving cream and paint are one of those things that could entertain our campers ALL day. Oh what fun but OH WHAT A MESS!

Day 4!

Last Day!

By day 4, our Buddies campers are expert cooks. This week we made dirt cups and fruit bugs!

WEEK 3: The Amazing Yak Race

Super Yaks hit the road!

Bye Buddies, see you next week!

Have you ever ridden on a plane, been on a cruise, or traveled to faraway lands? Well this week at Campy Yakety Yak, campers will have the opportunity to do just that. With an international theme this week we are exploring all sorts of foreign cultures and learning so many new things. We can't wait to have so much fun in Buddies this week!

For our first day back this week, we welcomed returning campers as well as some new friends! To start the day off we acclimated into our routines and schedule. For our first class of the day, we went to Play where we did a stick tapping dance from the Philippines. In art, we made paper globes and then finished the day with some green screen fun, traveling to different places around the world, like the Great Wall of China!!

First Day!

A day with Buddies wouldn't be complete without sensory bins, arts & crafts, and books, books, and more books.

Day 2!

As Buddies campers continue to acclimate to camp, we keep on keeping busy with baby shark videos, Frozen songs, books sensory play, and so much more. Some of our campers were truly fascinated by the camera snapping pictures of them today. 

Time for Play Class Buddies!

Day 3!

Buddies had SO MUCH FUN in Play class today. We brought out the parachute which is always a huge hit. We can't wait to play with shaving cream tomorrow!

Buddies take on the Kitchen!

Days 4&5:

What better way to end the week than with our favorite activity...SHAVING CREAM!

High five for a great week 3 Buddies!

WEEK 4: Super Yak and the Tech Trekkers

Super Yaks get smart

Today we kicked off week 4 of camp! This week our Buddies campers are becoming creative inventors using their brilliant minds to explore different materials and textures. One of the fun things we did today was go to Play class. We started the class by using visuals to select what activity we wanted to do. One of the fun activities was building block towers and then knocking them down! In our Buddies classroom, we created fun and techy robots out of toilet paper rolls. What a great way to start off week 4. We can hardly wait for day 2!

Someone is ready to play some Red Light, Green Light!

What a fun day 2 in Buddies! Today we went to Play class where we got the parachute back out, one of our favorite activities. Yesterday in Discovery, we colored our own rockets in preparation for today when we made them take-off ready by attaching a straw to the back. With a breath of air, they can fly through the sky like real rockets.

Three, two, one...BLAST OFF!

So many bright colors!

It's Wednesday. You know what that means...


Today in Play Class, we became architects and built our own towers. We got to knock them over after too!

Just a bit messy!

Today our friends in Buddies got to go to cooking! We made Rice Krispie Treat Robots!

Our project for arts and crafts was painting. We like to experiment with all sorts of alternates to basic brushes like whisks, forks, and other paper. With these materials, we can make such cool patterns!

Buddies ended their day today with another one of our favorite activities...WATER PLAY!

Thanks for an AMAZING week 4 Buddies. We will see you next week for Super Yak and the Time Travelers

WEEK 5: Super Yak and the Time Travelers

Super Yaks enter a new dimension

Calling all Time Travelers! It's week 5 which means the time has come to explore our past, present and future selves with Super Yak and the Time Travelers!


When we stop to reflect on what makes us special, we must look back at where we came from, who we are now, and where we see ourselves going in the future. In Buddies, we will explore time and all it entails by participating in arts and crafts, Cooking, PLAY, Discovery, and centers to keep our brains focused and exploring new topics and sensory experiences. 

First Day!

The craft for today was making dinosaurs with glue and paper. So fun!

This summer at Camp Yakety Yak has been filled with excitement and joy for Buddies campers, Yellow and Blue teams in Play class. Week 5 in Play class will be spent traversing a SUPER obstacle course, playing crab soccer, freeze tag, zookeeper and finally, giant bubbles and some water play on Friday! We're always up to such cool stuff with Miss Natalie.


Today was the SUPER obstacle course. It consisted of a bridge to cross, tunnels, balance boards, hula hoops to jump through and pool noodle bridges to crawl under. It was so much fun and tough too!

Day 2!

Today we traveled into outer space; we made our own UFOs! We sang songs with the parachute in Play class and spent the afternoon cooling off with water play.  It was a fantastic day for the Buddies team!

Day 2!

Like all Wednesdays, we had shaving cream fun! Shaving cream art allows Buddies campers to explore new textures as well as work on fine motor skills.  It is many campers favorite art project and always lots of fun!

In Cooking class we made dinosaur pancakes with whipped cream and fruit. Delicious! In Play, we played bowling with our bodies and built block towers, one of our favorite activities. What a fabulous Wednesday!

We love taking nature walks throughout the day

Dino Pancakes in Cooking!

Cut, cut, cutting away

Now it's time for...


What a fantastic end to another great season of camp. Summer 2019 has been one of our best yet. 

We were so happy you could join us this summer in making friends and memories at CYY. Thanks for being a part of our outstanding camp community. We hope to see you next year!



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